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wavy ribbing B.Walker

If you have used Barbara Walker’s Treasury series of books you will appreciate what a great resource they are for designing your own patterns or as inspiration. (Yes, the Guild does have copies for loan to members in the library at Ross House.) The Treasury has mostly small black-and-white illustrations that can prevent us from seeing the full potential of a pattern.  To improve this resource a group of very keen knitter’s have undertaken the Walker Treasury Project.

They are gathering high-quality, colour photos of all the patterns in all of the Treasury books and putting them on the internet as a visual aide. You can join in and help by choosing a pattern from one of  the Treasury series, working up a swatch in a light-colored yarn, and posting it to their blog. The project’s aim is to get a better visual representation of each pattern, the patterns themselves will not be published. The project team have a system that will help you label and categorise your swatch.

Visit the project and look at the many swatches that have already been included. You might be inspired to make a swatch of your own to help the project along.


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