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The Guild is lucky to have some amazing knitters in its membership. These swatches were knit by Merle who is a very experienced and talented fairisle and intarsia knitter. To get a pattern right and to test colour combinations knitters (often grudgingly) knit a test square called a swatch, while others skip the swatching to get straight into the knitting and just hope that their finished garment will be the size they want.


From the swatch knitters can work out the gauge (stitches per centimetre) of their knitting using a particular yarn and needles and learn about how the yarn is going to perform. Swatches are usually washed and blocked (pinned out) so they will be as close as possible to the finished item. A washed swatch may show up unexpected characteristics in the yarn such as a tendency to felt or bloom.


Designers knit swatches to work out how a garment is going to work, including edgings and textures. Some of us rip out our swatches to use the yarn and others, like Merle, keep them as library of their experiments to look back on.


I hope you enjoy these lovely swatches as much as I do.


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Knitters Knews screenshot

You may have noticed that the Guild’s monthly newsletter Knitters Knews is no longer available on our blog as a download. We have developed it as an email bulletin that is sent to current members of the Hand Knitters Guild, Victoria. Our first e-bulletin contained Guild news, updates about what is new in our library, links to websites and blogs about knitting, news from yarn suppliers and some of the finished knitted items that members bring to Guild meetings.

If you would like to receive the Knitters Knews e-bulletin why not join the Guild? The Guild’s annual fee is just $25. Go to our membership page for a membership form to download and more information about the Guild’s member benefits or email us if you have a query.

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Vacancy – Committee Member

We have a vacancy on the committee of the Handknitters Guild.  We are looking for a member to join the committee.  This is a volunteer position.  The committee meets each month prior to the Sit and Knit meeting.  This is a great opportunity to help to support and build the Guild.  Any member who is interested in the position, please contact one of the committee members or telephone Anne Grace (President – 0413 308 094) for further information.

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During the month of September 2010, the Guild received from our members the following charity knitting items :

70 Anglicare Squares (to be made into blankets)
5 sets of baby bootees, 15 cardigans and 6 beanies for the Carol Chisholm Society (http://www.carolinechisholmsociety.com.au/)
16 beanies for the Aboriginal communities in the Northern Territory

A very big thank you to our members who make and continue to donate charity knitting items.

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Library News

New titles
New books purchased for the library are:- The Great North American Afghan,  Knitting the Perfect Pair which is a sock book, The Little Box of Scarves which has 20 cards of rather nice scarves, Colour Knitting Techniques and Jean Greenhow’s The McScarecrow Clan.  

Computerised Library Catalogue
In the near future our library will undergo a major change – we will be updating to a computerised library catalogue.  The Guild are purchasing two new computers, library softwear, including a library package, printer/scanner, bar coding device etc. A lot of work and data entry will be required to set up the system.  Barbara Bugg will be running this project, so if you would like to volunteer some time to help, please see Barbara at any Sit and Knit meeting.

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Thank you and Welcome to new members

Thank you
A big thank you to those members who spent a half day at the Handknitters Guild stand at the Quilt and Craft Fair.  It would appear that four persons per half day session was quite adequate enabling one or two to spend time away from the stand to look around or participate in a workshop.

Welcome to our new members: Bronwyn, Pauline, Libby and Johanne.

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A thank you from the marsupials and possums for their lovely knitted pouches.  Over 2000 pouches have been passed on to the Wildlife Victoria Carers and are very much appreciated.  Thanks to everyone who has knitted these pouches. 

As part of our Charter, the Handknitters Guild Inc support many charities by knitting garments and items for them.  Amongst these are Wildlife Victoria with possum pouches, Anglicare diagonal squares knitted or crocheted to be sewn up for the elderly in nursing homes/hostels and for each foster child as a part of their own belongings prior to housing. Penguin jumpers for the fairy penguins at Philip Island, beanies and jumpers for Aboriginal babies to keep them warm during frigid nights in the outback, Caroline Chisholm who need baby and child garments to the age of 4 to be given to struggling families, baby garments for the Alice Springs Base Hospital for Aboriginal babies, beanies and scarves for KOGO and Guardian Angels knitted items to be distributed through the Salvation Army and World Vision, just to name a few.  The charity knitting file is available on request to Lindy O’Neill email lindyjoy@bigpond.net.au, or at our Sunday Sit and Knits.

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