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The Guild is lucky to have some amazing knitters in its membership. These swatches were knit by Merle who is a very experienced and talented fairisle and intarsia knitter. To get a pattern right and to test colour combinations knitters (often grudgingly) knit a test square called a swatch, while others skip the swatching to get straight into the knitting and just hope that their finished garment will be the size they want.


From the swatch knitters can work out the gauge (stitches per centimetre) of their knitting using a particular yarn and needles and learn about how the yarn is going to perform. Swatches are usually washed and blocked (pinned out) so they will be as close as possible to the finished item. A washed swatch may show up unexpected characteristics in the yarn such as a tendency to felt or bloom.


Designers knit swatches to work out how a garment is going to work, including edgings and textures. Some of us rip out our swatches to use the yarn and others, like Merle, keep them as library of their experiments to look back on.


I hope you enjoy these lovely swatches as much as I do.

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