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Every year members of the Hand Knitters Guild of Victoria take home a pack with some wool, a pattern and instructions for knitting a 20cm square. They knit them and return them to the Guild where they are collected and organised for sewing up. Then a border is added and ‘hey presto’ a large, gorgeous blanket is finished.

The completed blanket is the first prize in an annual raffle and is on display at markets and Guild events to tempt ticket buyers. Every year the blanket is beautiful and shows off the skill of the Guild’s members. The 2015 blanket has been knitted by members over the summer, in luxury cream wool from the Bendigo Wool Mill, and is currently being sewn up. It will be on display at our Yarn & Craft market at the Coburg Town Hall in May and tickets are just $2. We all want to win it. So get excited, it’s on its way and it is a MUST HAVE kind of blanket.


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